ECGC 2018

Indie Prize
Win big with ECGC’s Indie Prize
All games must be presented at ECGC for in person judging and must be in a playable form with a miniumum of 15 minutes of gameplay. To get your indie spot at ECGC be part of a school team that is exhibiting at ECGC or select Indie Alley on our form at: ECGC Exhibitor Registration

Independent qualification / status:
1. Company is independent and majority owned by the team not investors.
2. At least 50% of the submitted game IP must to be owned by the development team
3. Applicants MUST be able to attend Casual Connect Europe 2018 | 29-31 May 2018 in London
4. For ECGC applicants you must have a booth or be part of a team from a school who has a booth at ECGC and be ready to be judged April 18th or 19th.

In addition to getting a chance at the Indie Prize in London, ECGC will also be giving the first place winner $1000, second place $500 and third place $200.

ECGC’s 2017 Indie Prize Winner
ECGC is proud to announce that Katsu Entertainment of Cary NC, developer of DOOMWHEEL, a wickedly fast-paced infinite runner set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe and coming to mobile devices is our winner for 2017.

In Doomwheel, the Skaven underworld is a rat’s nest of deceit, danger, and backstabbing. As an up-and-coming warlock enginseer of clan Skryre, your only goal is to rise through the ranks of the ratmen by building the ultimate engine of destruction: the fastest and most powerful Doomwheel ever made! Powered by scampering rats and hallucinogenic warpstone, the Doomwheel embodies the sheer inhuman ingenuity of the Skaven race: an enormous iron-reinforced wheel, outfitted with spikes, blades, and blasting powerful bolts of lethal warp lightning as it crushes all in its path: enemies, or the least fortunate of your allies. Pilot your Doomwheel as it rattles through the battlefield at breakneck speeds in this fast-paced infinite arcade adventure. Dwarves got you down? Doomwheel. Rival clans done you wrong? Doomwheel. Goblin grief? Doomwheel. Shatter, skewer, shock and bounce foes of all shapes, sizes, and races as you claw out territory for yourself across the Old World. Develop a newer, deadlier, Doomwheel in your workshop while fending off the vengeful plots of your backstabbing rivals. Doomwheel is coming to smash everything in its path on mobile devices in 2017.

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