Hunter Moore

CEO of Athena's Compass

At 5 years old, Hunter’s engineering background started when he built room defense contraptions for his little sister to protect her from any imaginary “bad guys” that might want to do her harm. From there he knew he had a passion to build things that would improve people’s lives. Hunter graduated from Georgia Tech with BS in mechanical engineering and an MS in robotics and microelectromechanical systems. Hunter has worked with Pratt and Whitney for jet engine spray optimization algorithms, Sandia National Laboratories for nanoresearch, and PCS Phosphate. While at Georgia Tech, he helped to develop the first intelligent floatation device for toddlers and pets. After graduation, he led multiple software design, development and testing projects with IBM.

Hunter realized that unless you can wrap a business around a product, it would never be able to impact the world. That is when he decided to pursue a Masters in Business Administration at the University of North Carolina with concentrations in venture capital and entrepreneurship to learn how to evaluate the viability of business opportunity and how to make it successful. While in school, he worked with Idea Fund Partners and several startups to further hone his skills as an entrepreneur.

Hunter’s passion for educational instruction has been an integral part of his life. Some examples include: entrepreneurship for 3rd graders through Junior achievement, Boeing math and science for 6th graders, high school math and science tutor, high school robotics coach, teaching assistant for multiple engineering and business courses.

Hunter combined his engineering, business, and educational instructional skills with his passion to create products that improve people’s lives to give birth to Athena’s Compass.

Athena’s Compass recently won a National Science Foundation grant for Small Business Innovation Research to build next generation educational games.

Talk Description:

How to successfully raise funding and get your start up off the ground.

This talk will help you raise funding for your company and help get it successfully off the ground. I will talk about the different types of funding and share strategies on how to secure each type of funding. This talk will also provide critical hacks for start up companies from my experience in business school, venture capital, starting my own company, and winning a National Science Foundation grant for Small Business Innovation Research (NSF SBIR) grant.

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