ECGC 2018 Speakers

APRIL 17TH – 19TH, 2018
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ECGC 2018 Featured Keynote: Sergey Galyonkin 

State of the Steam Marketplace


Steam, the biggest PC gaming platform and de facto marketplace for many game developers, has undergone tremendous change. Sergey Galyonkin, Epic's director of publishing strategy, founded the Steam Spy data analysis tool, which has been a leading resource of market insights since 2015. This session will talk through Steam's recent changes and their impact on games sales: the rise of China, the death of discoverability, the influx of low-quality titles, devs trying to outplay the algorithms, review bombing and other pleasant surprises. Also covered will be pricing strategies, best practices for launching on Steam, and survival tips for indie developers. 

ECGC is proud to announce Dr. Paul Kruszewski as the morning keynote


Dr. Paul Kruszewski has been at the bleeding intersection of real-time AI and computer graphics since 2000 when he founded AI.implant to use AI (flocking behaviours and path finding) to create and simulate huge crowds of interacting autonomous characters. Customers included Disney and Lucas Film for visual effects; Bioware and EA for game development; and L3 and Lockheed Martin for military simulation. AI.implant was acquired in 2005 by Presagis, the world’s leading developer of software tools for military simulation and training.

2018 ECGC Speakers
ECGC 2018 Speaker selection is in progress. New speakers will be added soon.

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