APRIL 17TH – 19TH, 2018


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East Coast Game Conference

The East Coast Game Conference, the largest gathering of video game professionals on the east coast, returns for its tenth time. The focus of the conference is to provide video game developers an engaging program and opportunities for networking and collaboration. Building off of the great success in 2016, ECGC is bring back the community day on April 17th. It focuses on the community, families and others that are interested in seeing what the industry is about and what jobs opportunities there are in the industry. ECGC is proud to be hosting one of the east coast’s largest VR events with participation from organizations and individuals ranging from academics to industry. In 2018, the summits are returning, take a day-long focused training class. Make sure to reserve your spot today!

The conference is sponsored by the Triangle Game Initiative, a trade association of video game companies in North Carolina.


The Research Triangle Park of North Carolina is home to more than 40 companies developing, publishing, or providing technology or services to the video game industry. These companies employ more than 1,100 people directly involved in creating video games, simulations and video game technology.

The Triangle Game Initiative was founded in 2008 to support and promote the video game industry in this area. In 2009, TGI wanted to hold a local gathering of the local game developers, and the Triangle Game Conference was born. The organizers hoped to attract 200 programmers, artists, and producers and were delighted when more than 500 attended. The conference grew to more than 800 in 2010, and after rebranding as the East Coast Game Conference it has grown to over 1,500 in 2015.


Triangle Game Initiative

Triangle Game Initiative is the trade association for Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina for the interactive entertainment industry. Our members are market-leading companies and prominent industry figures who have gathered here, at the Research Triangle, to master the arts and sciences of gaming. Our mission is to build a thriving community of companies and professionals dedicated to the advancement of the interactive entertainment industry in the Triangle region.

If you’re a person or company in the Triangle developing, publishing, working on, or writing about interactive entertainment, you belong in the Triangle Game Initiative. Join TGI to take advantage of our exclusive member benefits and help us make Raleigh-Durham the East Coast hub of video gaming.



  • Promote the Triangle region through brochures, newsletters, and other promotional activities aimed at attracting other game companies and employees to the area, growing the market for all of us
  • Create a community of industry professionals within the Triangle that can share best practices and develop a hub of knowledge that can attract the best talent and clients
  • Host conferences, tradeshows, and summits that can build the brand of Triangle area companies and the Triangle itself as a market leader in interactive entertainment

ECGC Team Members

Troy Knight

Co-Founder, Co-Chair

Walter Rotenberry

Co-Founder, Co-Chair

Cindy Foster


Tom Gross


Jane Proctor

Volunteer Coordinator

Lori Miller

Web Master

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