Heidi McDonald

Writer for Disruptor Beam

Heidi McDonald (DeathBow) is a writer, narrative designer and musician whose work in games has been defined by serious games, humor, and the emotional aspects of player engagement. She is currently a writer for Disruptor Beam on an unannounced title. Previously having worked at Schell Games and iThrive Games, Heidi was honored with Women in Gaming’s Rising Star Award in 2013, and her work has won recognition from entities including Serious Play, the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and the IGF. Author and editor of Digital Love: Romance and Sexuality in Games, Heidi has published and lectured all over the world. She is also known for her collection of magnificent hats and for popping up places dressed as her pirate alter-ego, Lizzie Bones. Heidi has dedicated her career to the idea that games can do amazing things for human beings.

Talk Description:

You’re Fired! So, Now What?

In the games industry, it’s not unusual for people to lose their jobs. Whether that’s a studio closure, a project cancellation, a contract ending, or the last title didn’t sell well enough to make the investors and shareholders happy…we typically get fired A LOT, more often than not for reasons that aren’t our fault.

You might not be able to avoid this, but…there are things you can do NOW to protect yourself in the event that you find yourself unemployed. There are also things you can do right away after losing your job, that will make unemployment go more smoothly for you, which might not be immediately obvious. If you’ve never lost your job before, it can feel overwhelming.

Join veteran developer Heidi McDonald as she shares lessons learned from being unemployed. Leaving your job can suck, but there are ways you can turn things to your advantage, and strategies to help you move on in a way that leaves you better for the experience.

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