Gregory Marlow

Assistant Professor for ETSU | Freelance Animator

Gregory Marlow has worked in the animation and video game industry for over ten years. He spent nearly five years at Firaxis Games (2K) in Baltimore, MD, working as a Character Animator and Artist for the Civilization V and XCOM franchises. He is currently a part-time freelance animator and an assistant professor in the Digital Media program at East Tennessee State University. Some of his published or forthcoming titles include Civilization V, XCOM: Enemy Within, Bioshock Infinite, Battleborn, and Civilization VI.

Talk Description:

Overlapping Action: Demystifying the Fifth Principle of Animation

Follow through, overlapping action, overshoot, drag, the successive breaking of joints, settle, lead and follow — why does the fifth principle of animation have to be so confusing? In this talk, Greg Marlow, animator for Civilization V, XCom, Battleborn, and Civilization VI will attempt to clarify these terms and show you how to leverage them to create stronger character animations.

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