Gregory Grimsby

Professor Of Game Design for George Mason University

Gregory Grimsby is an Assistant Professor in Computer Game Design at George Mason University. He has been a game artist for over 20 years working on games like Air Warrior II, Multiplayer Battletech: 3025, and Mythic Entertainment’s Dark Age of Camelot. Grimsby was art director on Bioware’s Warhammer Online. In 2011 he jumped into academia and has been a professor of 3D modeling and animation ever since. Grimsby is a 2017 MFA candidate in painting at George Mason University. When not teaching or painting, Grimsby does 3D art for Broadsword Online Games.

Talk Description:

Hurdles in Game Academia and How to Double-Jump Them

If the games industry is in its adolescence, then game academia is in its infancy. Educators in Game Design face first generation problems building game design programs and thriving within them. Gathering qualified and eager teachers is challenging given game design’s lack of academic lineage. How do we balance the artistic and technical nature of games in our curriculum? Similarly, how do we provide breath and depth given the cross-disciplinary nature of games? Improvements to curriculum can be hampered by resources, politics, or degree requirements. These program-level challenges plus the topics of credentials, structure, and student admittance will be explored. We’ll also discuss the hurdles we face as individual game educators. How do we feed our own creative needs? How do we obtain tenure? This session should offer actionable ideas for game educators and prove insightful to game developers interested in “making the jump” into teaching.

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