Gina Grahame

Consultant/Speaker for Grahame Communications

Gina Grahame, is an international award winning speaker and expert on Authentic Communication, the soft skills of business. Gina also brings her 25+ years in the transgender community to help organizations understand and embrace transgender and gender nonconforming people as colleagues and customers.

 Gina is also the creator of the ‘Be Authentacious®’ personal empowerment program. Gina is the former VP of Corporate Partnerships for GaymerX, the former Global Recruitment and Education Sales Manager for the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and is currently a VP Board Member of the Golden Gate Business Association, the nation’s first and longest running LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Talk One Description:

Living with passion and purpose – How To ‘be authentacious!’®

This interactive session will teach you how to overcome adversity and internal roadblocks to live with passion and purpose.  ‘be authentacious’® is the personal empowerment program created by international award winning speaker, Gina Grahame.


The steps and insights from the ‘be authentacious’® program will give you the tools to take immediate action to make positive changes in your life.

Intended Audience:

Individuals looking to make immediate, positive changes in their careers, relationship and lives.

Talk Two Description:

How an Authentic Conversation Can Save You From a Crucial Confrontation

This session will teach you how implementing authentic communication, the soft skills of business, can increase productivity, increase individual engagement and front-load your leadership pipeline, while decreasing turnover and operational costs. Takeaway: Authentic communication, the soft skills of business, keep an organization in sync, engages with clients, promotes individuality and fosters growth. Ideally suited for: Management, Sales, Customer Service, and individuals looking to grow their leadership, communication and persuasive skills.

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