Gina Grahame

Gina Grahame, is an international award winning speaker, and Founder and CEO of ‘25 and Rising’; a diversity focused consulting firm specializing in transgender and non-binary policies, issues, and mentorship. She is also the creator of the ‘Be Authentacious®’ personal empowerment program. Gina is the former VP of Corporate Partnerships for GaymerX, the former Global Recruitment and Education Sales Manager for the Game Developers Conference (GDC), and is currently a VP Board Member of the Golden Gate Business Association, the nation’s first and longest running LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Talk Description:

Beyond the bathroom: Best (and worst) practices in support of Transgender and Non-binary colleagues and customers

This summit moves beyond ‘raising awareness’ and gets down to the real-world business challenges, solutions, and opportunities surrounding Transgender and Non-binary colleagues and clients. Simply being ‘male or female’ is no longer relevant by those 35 and younger, with 50% of Millennials either identifying as Transgender, Non-binary, or knowing someone who does. This shift in gender diversity acceptance is having far-reaching effects on every facet within companies, from Entry level to the C-suite, from employee recruitment & retention to product marketing. This summit focuses on understanding and building a work environment that’s inclusive, has a sense of belonging, and allows for personal and professional authenticity.

Gender Diversity has moved beyond ‘awareness’ and is now about inclusion, a sense of belonging, and personal and professional authenticity.

Intended Audience:
All levels of Management, HR, and all who identify as Transgender, Non-binary, or LGBTQ

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