Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda

Freelance Animator/Designer

Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda is a freelance animator based out of Toronto, Canada. She has spoken at conferences on the topics of animation and storytelling in games, and the importance of successfully pairing the two. In her spare time, Gabriela is a co-director at Dames Making Games, a non-for profit which supports women and non-binary folk in making, playing, and changing games.

Talk Description:

Storytelling in Non-linear Time and Space

The talk will highlight storytelling methods in games that employ non-linear narrative, either through the player’s own agency or by the mechanics that support that structure.

Concepts of non-linear time and space will be discussed, within the context of how narrative can be circular with no clear beginning or end, or no clear win or loss states.

Non-linear stories that drop the player in an ambiguous point in the story line can create a sense of mystery and create organic lore within larger worlds. It is also a chance to express more abstract ideas that may not communicate as well within linear stories, such as out of order dialogue and actions that can be repeated without tiring the player. In a sense, non-linear storytelling can be compared to open-world design theory in that the player can explore the narrative in a continuous cycle without necessarily following a pre-set path.

The talk will seek to focus on narrative theories and methods equally to talk about storytelling as theory but also demonstrate how non-linearity can be executed.

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