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APRIL 16TH – 18TH, 2019

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The Feature Driven Designer & The Power of Strike Teams

April 17 at 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Room: 305A

By Tobias Heussner

In today’s game production the most common project management approach is agile development and while it works reasonably well with engineering teams, game designers are often looking at either a traditional approach with lots of written documents that quickly become outdated or under-documented development were many decisions are made on the fly. It seems impossible to find a healthy middle way. This session will present approaches to leadership, team organization and game design which adapt the agile methodology for game designers and game developers while considering important documentation aspects or iterations. It will discuss leadership requirements and the constraints coming from the agile philosophy and how they can be adapted to encourage the formation of self-motivated strike teams that take ownership over game aspects and lead the completion of these features from idea to a marketable product.

During the presentation concepts such as team management in a creative environment, the organization of epics, stories, and tasks, as well as control loops and feature ownership, will be discussed. Not only will these concepts be discussed, but also solutions for common problems in an agile development will be presented. How can the design documentation be organized to fit into an agile, iterative environment without becoming quickly outdated while maintaining the power of an agile workflow? How does leadership work in an agile environment? Where can the development be controlled and where do we need to let go? How does agile development handle fixed development schedules as it normally doesn’t have the concept of gold master deliveries that are planned in advance?

The session will be interactive. Attendees will discuss presented approaches in a time-lapsed fashion, designing and planning the development of a simple roleplaying system. This will help them understand the discussed concepts in the context of their own workflows and experiences. It will reveal how the presented principles can be modified and adapted to individual and specific situations, thus demonstrating that the presented ideas are forming a framework of opportunities instead of a fixed, one-fit-all workflow.

The Feature Driven Designer & The Power of Strike Teams session will combine game design aspects with production methodologies and leadership principles, introducing attendees to a methodology and approach that is agile and manageable in creative environments.


Attendees will learn about agile approaches to game design and production management adapted to the iterative nature of game development and encourage the formation of self-motivated teams who take ownership of their work striving for the best possible outcome under the given constraints.


April 17
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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Design, Production
Tobias Heussner

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