Enrique Fuentes

CEO of Teravision Games

Enrique Fuentes founded Teravision Games in 2006 and since then has led the studio and the creation of games for companies like Atari, Namco, Disney, Nickelodeon and DHX. To date, Teravision Games has created more than 70 games for web and mobile. Currently, the studio has offices in Bogot√° and Caracas.
Enrique has also been a key promoter of the LATAM video games industry, having founded the IGDA Caracas chapter in 2007 and co-founded the Colombian chapter in 2010.

Talk Description:

From Mobile to VR

Teravision Games has extensive experience creating mobile games and for the last 10 years has worked with companies like Disney, Namco, Atari and Nickelodeon. In 2016 TG started creating VR games, having published a Gear VR game already, and having a Rift/Vive game in the works. The learning experience has been intensive and a lot of “rules” that apply for mobile dev no longer apply for VR, and instead a set of new paradigms have emerged in our creation process.

I’d like to share our key learnings of moving from mobile to VR in areas like UX, Design, pipeline and business.

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