Eddy Webb

Narrative Designer for Pugsteady

Eddy Webb (with a “y,” thank you) is a writer, game and narrative designer, executive producer, and design consultant for video games and RPGs. He has worked on over a hundred products, including some based on Futurama, Firefly, Red Dwarf, the WWE, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Sherlock Holmes. His career spans over a decade and across dozens of respected companies, and he’s even won a few awards along the way. Today he lives a sitcom life in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, his roommate, and a sleepy old pug. More information and mad ramblings can be found at eddyfate.com.

Talk Description:

I Didn’t Catch That: Audio Design for the Hearing Impaired

Approximately 15% of American adults claim to have some hearing loss, but it’s a lot more complicated than just turning the volume up. Eddy Webb, who has been hearing impaired since childhood, explains how hearing loss impacts the gameplay experience. He is now the executive producer of Earplay, a company dedicated to interactive audio drama.

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