ECGC Gets Schooled: New ‘Education Summit’ at This Year’s Conference

Apr 13, 2017 | News

“Come see the future of education, there will be over 15 colleges and universities at ECGC this year from New York to Florida.”

— Walter Rotenberry Co-President of Triangle Game Initiative

East Coast Game Conference Raleigh North Carolina (April 18-20, 2017)

RALEIGH, NC, US, April 13, 2017 — For the first time ever, the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) will host an Education Summit, bringing together speakers and workshop facilitators at the vanguard of games and education.

Organized and hosted by Seth Hudson, Assistant Professor of Game Writing at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA; attendees will participate in interactive breakout sessions covering practical approaches to using games in teaching, research, student preparation, and community engagement.

The ECGC Education Summit brings developers, designers, educators, and researchers together to learn, listen, and play in considering the possibilities of games to re-imagine our notions of what education entails. Including panelist-facilitators from the K-12, university, and private sectors, attendees will learn about:

– Using games effectively as a teaching tool, regardless of the level or subject;

– Applying game design concepts to create new and engaging educational experiences;

– Using virtual reality and other game-rich technologies to deepen learning;

– Assessing game-driven initiatives in education to aid in funding and development.

Panelist-facilitators include Drew Davidson, Carnegie Mellon University; Len Annetta, East Carolina University; Elizabeth Jones, Stonewall Middle School; Justin Johnson, William Peace University; Richard Lamb, University of Buffalo; Stephen Jacobs, Rochester Institute of Technology; and others.

The Ed Summit welcomes innovative teachers at all levels of education, students interested in studying game design, games-engaged researchers in any field, and game industry professions interested in finding out more.

Achieving the real power of games to revolutionize teaching and learning means bringing all stakeholders together—in the same room, literally—at the 2017 ECGC Education Summit.

In addition to the education Summit on the 18th ECGC will have Education, Computer Science, Humanities, Leadership, Business and Serious Games topics throughout the conference.


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