Dr. Paul Kruszewski

CEO of wrnch

Dr. Paul Kruszewski has been at the bleeding intersection of real-time AI and computer graphics since 2000 when he founded AI.implant to use AI (flocking behaviours and path finding) to create and simulate huge crowds of interacting autonomous characters. Customers included Disney and Lucas Film for visual effects; Bioware and EA for game development; and L3 and Lockheed Martin for military simulation. AI.implant was acquired in 2005 by Presagis, the world’s leading developer of software tools for military simulation and training. In 2007, he founded GRIP to use AI (behaviour trees) to create high fidelity autonomous characters capable of rich and complex behaviours. Customers included Bioware, Disney, EA and Eidos. GRIP was acquired in 2011 by Autodesk, the world’s leading developer of software tools for digital entertainment. In 2014, he founded wrnch to use AI (deep learning and computer vision) to enable computers to read human body language to make the world safer, healthier and more fun.

Keynote 2018 Description:

Why Teaching Cameras To Read Human Body Language will make the world safer, healthier, and more fun

April 18th at 11:30am

By 2020, there will be only 45 billion cameras in the world.  Via an unique combination deep learning, computer vision and computer game techniques, it is now possible to give these cameras to the artificial intelligence to read human body language.   The applications of these intelligent cameras are broad and profound including

*allowing digital assistants to detect when the elderly fall in the home and automatically call 911

*enabling autonomous vehicles to read pedestrian intent

*turning mobile phones into human body scanners to aid medical and sports professionals to remotely analyze human posture and performance

*transforming screens into magical mirrors to create new AR experiences

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