Dr. Chris Hazard

Founder and CEO of Hazardous Software

Dr. Chris Hazard is the founder and CEO of Hazardous Software, a growing AI and serious game company whose products analyze and help solve strategy-level problems for large organizations. He holds a PhD in computer science from NC State on artificial intelligence for trust and reputation. He has done work in a variety of fields from psychology to network infrastructure to hypnosis to robotics. Dr. Hazard is known for his 2011 game Achron, which won GameSpot’s Best Original Game Mechanic award, and also for his research on game design, for which he has given numerous speeches at major conferences.

Talk Description:

Extrapolating Beyond the Fog of War: The Near Future of AI in Games and Simulations

Dr. Hazard will survey recent AI successes and developments within and outside of the games industry. After, he will describe some old and new algorithms that show promise for a wide range of problems that games and simulaions encounter. This talk is intended for beginner and intermediate developers.

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