Douglas Copeland

Quality Assurance Analyst for Funcom

Doug Copeland Graduated with a BFA in Game Art & Design in 2015, before working as a contract artist on LawBreakers. Afterwards, he moved on as a contractor to a QA Tester and then a QA Analyst position on the Unreal Engine at Epic Games, working on test teams and as an embedded Analyst on development teams for the Engine.  


While at Epic he focused on Virtual Reality and UE4’s VR Editor, as well as the Tools and Rendering pipelines of the engine. After almost 3 years working on the Unreal Engine he moved on to Funcom as a QA Analyst, where he works as an embedded analyst on upcoming projects. 

Talk Description:

Quality Assurance: From Stepping Stone to Career and part of the Design process 

This talk will cover sidestepping the perception of Quality Assurance as a stop on the way to art or design positions, and on the benefits of investing in QA members. We will also cover the benefits of embedding QA directly into teams and the development process. 

QA function as both guardians of the project in quality, and as the first end-users of the experience. As such, QA teams can have invaluable input on what the user experience is shaping up to be, and with proper feedback and teamwork can catch major design issues early. 

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