David Klingler

CEO of Solanimus Inc.

David founded Solanimus Inc. in 2011. Released personal game about cats he had in real life, Cool-B in Search of Floyd. Collaborated on Crashland, a game about a squirrel causing carnage in the road, with his father John Klingler, a graphic artist with 30+ years experience. Started over development four times before finally releasing Signal to Noise, the realtime music-driven rail shooter. (He’s still working on that stuff too)

Presently working on Bushwhack Racing, a kart racer inspired by competitive play of Mario Kart DS (he is the current world champion on Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard). He has also been working for years on multiple yet-unseen projects.

David sees his purpose in his career being that of helping to facilitate the expansion of the industry to its untapped potential in the medium of games. He says that any inkling of success he will ever pretend to achieve is owed to his mentors, family, and friends, including those he works with.

Talk Description:

The Present and Future of Realtime Music-Driven Games

After learning realtime audio processing by iterating on Signal to Noise, the realtime music-driven rail shooter, I was left even more intrigued than before. As someone that sees the world in terms of music and games, I of course proceeded to jump off the deep end into this field and see how it might be furthered with its use in realtime music-driven games. I’ve continued to make use of what I created specifically for Signal to Noise, while also making use of the latest in the signal processing field from mathematicians that aren’t necessarily so interested in the application of it to video games.

This talk seeks to leave all attendees with a great understanding of the profound relationships between music systems and game mechanic systems and how to implement interpretations of these connections as game programs (from the standpoint of game design as well as programming).

I expect this talk to resonate with everyone, really. It has seemed to be (mysteriously) relatable in some way to everyone I’ve spoken with about it. It might get somewhat technical when exploring some of the programming concepts, but please DO NOT be intimidated. You can understand this, and it will not only change your perspective on games and music, but possibly things more meta than that.

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