David Klingler

President & CEO of Solanimus Inc.

David entered the game industry headfirst in 2011 with no game development experience or money when he founded Solanimus, an independent game company. Since then, he has lead development on several games, including the personal and childlike Cool-B in Search of Floyd (developed entirely alone), the humorous mobile game Crashland, the hardcore music-driven rail shooter Signal to Noise, as well as multiple other small games. The purpose he finds in his work in games is to explore furthering the potential of games as a medium using experimental development, all while bootstrapping the business side of things mostly by reselling classic games on the side. Besides this, he is also involved in competitive gaming (64 world records and top tournament placings for several games), classic game collecting, vintage computing, and enjoys composing and playing Scottish fiddle music (national and regional award-winning). David has spoken with other developers at conferences in the past, including local events such as ECGC 2016 (late replacement for another individual) and Tilt Expo, and has won multiple awards in games including most recently 2nd place in Excellence in Game Development at SIEGE 2016.

Talk Description:

Creating Something from Nothing – Starting in the game industry without experience or money

This panel will cover the strategies I personally have used to continue a game company for over five years ongoing, even from when I began which was without experience or money. This will be especially useful for first-time founders and students in a related discipline. Will include some bits of personal information that may be emotionally sensitive for some, but the talk will mainly have lots of concrete takeaways. These can immediately be implemented when creating a game company or building one further, especially when low on funds.

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