Daniel Flavelle

Developer / CEO of LOLHaus

Dan has graduated more times than you’re technically supposed to and worn a surprising number of hats for his time in the Film, Animation, Games, and even Comics industry. With experience in technical animation, stereoscopic conversion and compositing, lighting, technical direction, design, and development to name a few he decided to start his own company, LOLHaus Productions. Currently working in Animation while prototyping LOLHaus’ first large project. He is an avid PC gamer, especially strategy games, and a huge fan of tabletop games and RPGs even if he never has time to play them.

Talk Description:

Funding an Adventure: I’m starting a studio with nothing and you can too!

Join in the adventure of starting a studio from scratch! In this talk we will be going over how I am in the process of starting a studio with very limited resources and what advantages you can use to help you do the same. All the way from a humble but rocky start full of bankruptcies, terrifying diseases, mysterious foreign envoys, and lots of drinking to the glorious future ahead we will examine a handful of tips, tricks, and hustles from things as simple as finding likeminded compatriots to as complex as taking advantage of Canadian corporate tax grants.

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