Community Day

APRIL 17TH – 19TH, 2018
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ECGC - Community Day

Specially designed for students and people trying to get into the industry, the Community Day Pass is on Tuesday April 17th. Come enjoy a quick peak at the gaming industry. This is a great opportunity to meet the gaming community and listen to how best to prep or get into the industry. The Community Day is from 4pm-7pm.

The Community Day Session Schedule

Session 1: 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Tanya DePass
Why stereotypes and tropes are not representation of the “Other”

Paxton Galvanek
Breaking into the Video Game Industry & Branding Yourself

Scarlet Dangerfield
What You Can Expect Working in Games!

Session 2: 6:15pm to 7:15pm

Brian Heagney
So You Didn’t Get The Job: How to leverage your game design degree to find work outside of the game industry

Travis Thompkins
Mindset, Direction, and Purpose: Practical rules for early career development.

Heather Albano/Scarlett Dangerfield/Gina Grahame/Tanya DePass/Gabriela Aveiro
Women in Games Panel

Michelle Menard
The Beauty of No

The Community Day Speakers

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