Chris Wren

CEO/Founder of WrenAR LLC

Chris Wren comes from a background in AAA game development, working as an artist and producer for 12+ years at companies like EA/Maxis, Namco and Microprose. Among the titles he has worked on are the award winning F-16 combat flight simulator Falcon 4.0, the Sims franchise (Chris worked on 7 of them), and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for the PC and XBOX 360. Chris studied Cognitive Psychology at University of San Francisco, and earned his Master of Education in instructional technology at George Mason University. Chris has spent the last 9 years instructing game development at George Mason University in Virginia and for over 5 years he has been researching the topics of VR and AR, specifically advanced interactivity in this new emerging medium. Chris also founded and runs a small company focused on Game Consulting, Virtual and Augmented Reality: WrenAR LLC (

Talk Description:

Beyond the Hands

Interaction in VR space has been largely limited to the hands. With the advent of more sophisticated peripheral and body tracking showing up in products like the “trackers” from HTC Vive, inevitably more varied and complex interactions become possible. WrenAR has spent this past year focused on building advanced Avatars and controls for VR, rigging hands and feet and designing interaction which take advantage of the whole body. Codified in a VR sports demo, games like Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey become more fully realized and a level of immersion in these VR endeavors reaches new plateaus. Players can juggle a soccer ball, drop kick it, run and kick it, perform a layup in basketball, and do a slapshot. Chris will survey the hardware and software which are pushing advanced interactivity in VR space as well as review lessons learned this past year prototyping walk around VR experiences using high-end headsets like Vive & Oculus along with advanced riggings and peripherals like the LEAP Motion & USens.

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