Calvin Spealman

Lead Frontend Developer for Caktus Group

Calvin is a self-taught developer who focuses on Django and jQuery development, while never ignoring the broad range of interesting things in other software communities, be it new servers written in Javascript with Node.js, or the ever growing developments among front-end frameworks that compliment Django projects. He especially loves solving the problems and pain points that impact people on a personal, national, or even global level. Often this involves finding better ways to solve problems and deliver useful tools to our clients.

Calvin is rarely able to pull himself away from the keyboard. Even in his spare time Calvin enjoys writing and gaming on his computer.

Talk Description:

Game Development as a non-Game Developer

It is easy to think you can pick up game development when you’re already an experienced developer, but every discipline has its own skillsets, lessons, and approaches. Developers new to making games can have very difficult sets of challenges if they are totally new to software development versus having an established history of non-game development. Sometimes that experience can pose a deceptive hurdle to overcome.

Everyone who gets into game development faces an uphill challenge with many things to learn. I’ll be talking about the unique challenges of getting into game development with many years of other development experience under your belt and the misconceptions, re-learnings, and benefits of entering the field with an existing non-game development background.

– The lesson a transitioning developer has to learn that they’re a newbie all over again in many ways
– The hurdle (or lack there of) of changing programming languages
– The skills that remain universal to any development: planning, breaking problems down, testing your code
– Your quality gap as a seasoned developer versus a fledgling game developer
– The importance of finding your new community

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