C.J. Kershner

Writer & Studio Head for Polyhedron Productions

C.J. Kershner writes, seeks adventure, and avoids social media.

Talk Description:

Have Pen, will Travel: Lessons from a Life of Freelance Narrative 

(Speaking with Toiya Kristen Finley)

We’ve been called “narrative paramedics” and “paratroopers with pens” — freelance writers and narrative designers brought on to create, streamline, and occasionally Frankenstein stitch together the stories that are increasingly common in many independent and mainstream video games. Maybe you’ve considered this career path yourself but have questions, like “How do I get started?” Or “Where can I find clients?” Or “Can I actually use trauma shears and a parachute?”

In this session, professional freelancers Toiya Kristen Finley (Schnoodle Media) and C.J. Kershner (Polyhedron Productions) will provide advice and anecdotes on actions to take to set up your new storytelling-for-hire business and, hopefully, keep it running, based on their years of experience as well as interviews with other successful independent consultants.

Audiences will come away with an understanding of how to adopt and develop a freelance mindset, found a company, who best to approach to help run it, and ways to achieve sustainability.

Summit Description:

Narrative Tutorial

Hosted by C.J. Kershner, Anna Megill, Patrick Coursey, Toiya Kristen Finley

April 16TH, 2019
9:00am – 3:00pm

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