Brandon Huffman

Attorney | Hutchison PLLC

Brandon is an attorney focused on representing video game, technology and media clients in business, intellectual property, content clearance, privacy, commercial contracts and internet regulatory matters. He serves as the general counsel to the International Game Developers’ Association and is on the leadership council of the North Carolina Bar Association Sports and Entertainment Law Section. He has been published in the American Bar Association’s business law journal and the Media Law Resource Center’s annual case law update, and has presented to national and local audiences on topics ranging including the legal implications of let’s play videos, streaming,  the legal state and future of virtual and augmented reality and the law of game development.

Panel Description:

So you got a publisher, now what? (Negotiate!)

Panelist Include:
Randy Greenback
Tobe Sexton
Brandon Huffman
Trevor Schmidt

It happened! A publisher recognized your amazing talent and agreed on the conference floor to publish your game. Now, they’ve sent over a stack of documents. You want the money they offer, but you’re unclear on the terms they are demanding. This presentation will show you what it’s like to go from offer to signed deal, as a publisher and developer pursue their differing agendas, with their attorneys helping out along the way. It will explore key terms and things to look out for including licensing, money, rights and responsibilities and provide some insight into the reasons behind some of each sides’ demands.

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