Brad Swearingen

Associate Professor for Wake Tech Community College

Brad Swearingen has been instructing students in 3d and game related topics for over 15 years. He is currently an Associate Professor in Wake Tech Community College’s Simulation and Game Development program. As an educational artist/designer, he instructs students in many topics including game design, 3d modeling, animation, level design, and getting employed in the game industry. In his spare time he enjoys a freelance business of building 3d animations for clients and is currently building a helpful YouTube channel called ITEACH3D (shameless plug) for training 3d artists.

Panel Description:

Simulation and Game Development Education Panel
(Panelist include: Todd EmmaMarc Tucker, and Brad Swearingen)

The Game Industry, as always, is constantly changing and growing. The skills and tools that students are using also change with the ebb and flow of the industry. It has been a number of years since we, as educators, have gotten together to discuss our mission and shared opportunities. In this panel, we will discuss what the future holds for Video Game and Simulation education. We would like to share ideas and strategies to ensure that students are employable and gaining the skills necessary to reach their goals. We hope to have industry leaders and educational leaders attend to get the most out of this session. We want to discuss collaborative opportunities, PD opportunities for Faculty, work with Industry Leaders, etc. to ensure that we are all on the right track for the success of our students.

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