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Bonnie is most notably recognized in the Game Audio industry for her work as Audio Studio Lead at Schell Games. During her time at Schell, she worked on a variety of soundscapes and musical experiences for educational products, virtual and augmented reality simulations and computer/video games as well as interactive experiences, and theme park attractions. Most notable releases include: “I Expect You To Die” for Oculus Rift and Playstation VR, “World of Lexica” for ipad, “Frostbound” for Google Daydream, and “Water Bears” for ipad, iphone, and HTC Vive. In addition to Schell Games, she has worked on sound design for “Cybercadets”, Arcvertuel’s “Mayan Adventure”, “Aven Colony”, and “HIVESWAP”.

Bonnie is the Artistic Director of “Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera”, Music Director of “Super Smash Opera” and an active music arranger and vocal recording artist for record label The Materia Collective. She has served on the boards and committees for a variety of organizations including the Great Lake Film Association, Parsec, Pittsburgh Savoyards, GANG (Game Audio Network Guild), IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group), and the IGDA SIG VAMR (Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality SIG).

She has been a video game judge for Spillprisen, IGF, and Indiecade, an animation and script judge for the GLFA, IGDA Boardgames Competition, and reviewer for Focal Press. Bonnie has also been an active, panelist, presenter, and mentor at variety of events events including but not limited to AES, MAGfest, GameSoundCon, Confluence, and GDC.

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Talk One Description:

Telling Story Through Sound: Building an Interactive Radioplay

Before visual media monopolized popular entertainment, radio plays were the predominant way to experience stories and adventures on a weekly basis. Enhanced by voice actors, sound designers, and musicians the audience was transported into new and exciting realms. Today, with the emergence of new listening-only devices, audio-based narrative experiences are poised for a comeback. In this session join the audio lead of the ‘Baker Street Experience’, a Sherlock Holmes interactive choose-your-own-adventure for the Amazon Echo, as she guides you through the experiences and discusses the importance of audio design in building narrative environments within the current limitations of the audio-only devices.

Talk Two Description:

Party of One: “How to be ‘The Audio Department'”

During her five and a half years at Schell Games, four of those years were spent as a one person audio department, in charge of all aspects of sound, music, and voiceover. Bonnie continued on as a one person ‘team’ while the company grew from roughly 30 individuals to over a hundred. This is unfortunately a very common occurrence in many smaller game studios. In this session Bonnie shares tips, tricks, and lessons learned on how to stand on your own while being a team player when you are ‘The Audio Department” of a game studio.

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