Bill Rouse

Sound Designer for Kickin' Rad Games / Freelance

Bill Rouse is a sound designer and mastering engineer for music. Having a passion for gaming since he was a child, combined with an ear that has a fine attention to detail in a production standpoint, he began his career in sound design and audio engineering after graduating from Rartian Valley Community College with a Game Development degree in 2014.

Currently working on B.O.O.M. – You Win, a frantic fast paced hot potato multiplayer game, he combines his knowledge of field recording with mixing/mastering stages all down to the implementation process through programming and middleware usage. Bill was also involved with the sound design in the mobile game Pachinko Slaughterhouse, and has mixed and mastered the Kid Icarus tribute EP Meet the Light by Alyssa Menes. He is also the baritone/tenor vocalist in the choir of New Jersey’s only video game themed orchestra, the Montclair Gamer Symphony Orchestra, and has mixed the music in the orchestra’s YouTube channel.

Talk Description:

Prioritizing Sounds in a Party Environment

In this talk, volunteers will get to play the game B.O.O.M. – You Win and experience the sound design behind the game, including how the game’s sounds create an appealing and addicting arcade/couch multiplayer experience that excites the crowd. Attendees will explore the implementation process through Unity’s C# code as well as FMOD’s events showcasing how the prioritization/ducking systems work, and how they contribute to communicating the actions that each of the players do in a chaotic environment.

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