Austin Snider

Co-Founder & Member-Manager for Legendary Gameworks

Austin is a writer, developer and lifelong video game enthusiast as well as co-founder of Legendary Gameworks (LGW), an interactive media firm which provides video game, simulation, VR/MR/AR and visualization development and consulting services. As an engineering graduate of NC State University, Austin lead the growth and re-emergence of the Video Game Development Club at NCSU while working as a contractor for local developer Boss Key Productions. In April of 2017, Austin co-founded Legendary Gameworks with his twin brother and business partner Brandon Snider to begin enriching peoples’ lives by exploring and realizing the long-term potential of interactive media on humanity, leaving work at Boss Key to provide client services full-time for Legendary Gameworks in August 2017. A firm believer in the good and ill that can come from interactive media, Austin works to provide valuable services for Legendary Gameworks and its clients while encouraging designers and developers to avoid predatory business practices, promote ethical design and drive the digital interactive medium to new heights by exercising prudence and wisdom in their craft.

Talk Description:

How NOT to get a job in the games industry.

So you want to work in the Video Game industry? Are you sure? In this talk we will discuss the blunders and trials of going from a fresh graduate to owning and managing a profitable interactive media company non-exclusive to games, including the many personal, technical and professional pitfalls of going from a student with a background in traditional game development to working in the various emerging fields of interactive media.

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