Ashley Ruhl

Cinematic Designer | Independent

Ashley Ruhl’s passion for telling visual stories led her into the field of game cinematics, a hybrid role of game design, character performance and camera work. In the past 6 years her cinematic design credits have included Star Wars: The Old Republic (BioWare), Defiance (Trion Worlds), and many episodic titles from Telltale Games, including Tales From the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead Season 2, and Minecraft: Story Mode. She became the first woman at Telltale Games to hold the title of Episodic Director, credited for Episode 3 of the Tales From the Borderlands series.

Talk Description:

Camerawork as Emotional Engagement in Games

Scripted camera work is a staple of almost every major game franchise out today, whether it’s linear cutscenes or manipulation of a player controlled camera. Many games have borrowed the lessons from traditional Hollywood camera work to create immersive, emotionally engaging stories. But the translation from film camera work to games is not 1:1, as game developers must consider player agency as well as a strong narrative. This talk will focus on how games can blend traditional camera work with information delivery, game mechanics and personal investment in order to create an emotional engaging visual experience.

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