Ashley Ruhl

Narrative Designer for Gunfire Games

Ashley Ruhl is a narrative designer with over 8 years of experience at studios such as Telltale, BioWare, and currently Gunfire Games. She develops game stories from script to screen, focusing on compelling character performances and intuitive camera design. Her continuing career goal is to tell engaging, interactive narrative, while still empowering the player to be the author of their own story.

Talk Description:

Cut To The Chase: Writing For Cinematics in Games
The scene is set. The player has reached the lair of the arch nemesis. They move in ready to strike WHEN… they are thwarted by 3 minutes of expository dialogue! Game writing that is divorced from visual performance can easily detract from a game’s momentum, especially during cutscenes. But by borrowing visual storytelling lessons from film and keeping a tight communication line with design, you can make sure your cutscenes are a memorable part of the game experience, rather than an interruption. This session will discuss how to write narrative for cinematics in ways that keep the player engaged in their experience. Topics will include incorporating the pacing and visual cues of film, working with designers to build narrative experiences in tandem, and finding creative solutions that still apply these lessons within limited budgets.

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