Anthony Pecorella

Director of Browser Virtual Goods for Kongregate

Anthony has been at Kongregate for 8 years and is the Virtual Goods Director for browser. He runs the browser games business, helping developers of all sizes try to find an audience and hopefully make a successful business out of their games. He also designs and develops games on the side, including the acclaimed tower defense RPG “Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten”, and a MacArthur grant-funded educational biology game, “CellCraft”.

Talk Description:

Idle Games: Past, Present, and (Never-Ending) Future

Starting with a talk I gave at GDC 2015 I became known in the industry as a sort of the unofficial expert on idle games. I championed the genre, including helping some of the biggest names (AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes, Crusaders of the Lost Idles) find success. Since then I have given a number of talks on the subject at GDC, GDC Europe, MIGS and the ECGC and have had 3 blog posts on the math of idle games featured on Gamasutra.

At this point the mystique and surprise around the genre is fading as it has matured and been picked up by bigger and bigger studios. However, we’re still seeing some great innovation happening, especially from small indie devs, thanks to the relatively low barrier to entry that the genre still features.

This talk will summarize the past two years of research, data, and developments in the genre as well as make some wild prognostications about where we’re heading next. (Idle VR games? Why not?!) It will be a quick crash course for those relatively new to idle games while also looking at insights and analysis valuable to anyone interested in the genre.

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