Annette Stavenow Eriksson

CEO, Chairman of the board and President of “”

Annette Stavenow Eriksson is the CEO, Chairman of the board and President of “”, a law firm specialized in videogame law. Annette is also the founder and President of StoneGate productions AB, a Swedish film studio. Annette has founded and been President/CEO of several companies in the entertainment industry, for example film production studios, and worked with film and TV productions. She has also several board membership and advisory board assignments and has a vast experience of marketing and business development.

Talk Description:

Objection! – Reasons to use a video game lawyer
(Speaking with Tommy Persson)

We like to talk to video games companies about the dangers if you are not careful with contracts etc.
We like to explain when it is absolutely necessary to contact an external lawyer, and we like to tell what can happen in worst case. Some horror stories when companies have not enough considered the importance of proper contracts.

We also talk about what you, as a video games company, can manage to do yourself without a lawyer and what you definitively should NOT try to do yourself unless you don’t want to risk a lot of money. We also give some advice about what to think about when negotiating.

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