Andrew Hurley

Engine Support Technician for Epic Games

Graduate of Wake Tech Community College here in Raleigh, NC where I received my degree in Simulation and Game Development. Grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina where I found video games at a young age. My passion for games evolved into a desire to want to create unique experiences and visually stunning environments. Currently focused on Technical and Environment Art, but have a strong general knowledge in Unreal Engine 4.

Talk Description:

Getting Started with VR in UE4

Want to learn how to create a VR game/experience in UE4, and unsure where to start?

This talk will cover the essentials of creating VR projects in Unreal Engine 4, and the new features and techniques we use to optimize and increase performance. It will also cover good design practice and troubleshooting tips in order to maintain quality and performance while debugging your VR projects!

We will walk through various tools and console commands to use in your arsenal when working in the engine. The troubleshooting techniques provided in this talk can be applied not only to your VR projects, but any project being made in Unreal Engine 4!

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