Alyssa Menes

Composer/Sound Designer | Independent

Alyssa Menes is a composer/sound designer for games based in NJ/NYC. Her work can be heard in Blackwell Epiphany, Astoria: Fate’s Kiss, Pixel Prison Blues, and Defragmented. She has also spoken at many gaming conventions and conferences, including PAX East, PAX Prime, MAGFest, ECGC, Gameacon, and the IDIG festival at Dakota State University. She also frequently blogs about game audio at her website. For more information, please see

Talk Description:

Making The Most of Your Game’s Audio (On An Indie Budget)

As indie developers, we all strive to create high quality games, but sometimes, our budgets don’t exactly dictate that. In this talk, audio designer Alyssa Menes will lay out the best practices indie developers can use in order to maximize their audio on a modest budget. Topics covered will include finding the right audio person the first time, effective communication tips, and using a few live performers in order to make an otherwise MIDI soundtrack come alive.

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