AJ Glasser

AJ Glasser is a long time games journalist and sometimes business development manager for indie games. She holds a masters of journalism from Stanford University and lives in Oakland. Her favorite games include Catherine, Tales of Vesperia, The Sims, and The Witcher III.

Talk Description:

F*ck the Media: A modern history of games journalism

Games journalism is a term that no longer means anything. It started as a simple marketing exercise and sometime feature piece in the 70s. In the 1980s and 90s, it evolved into a cottage industry that somehow survived the dot-com bubble to become a multi-million dollar business. In the mid 2000s, games journalism became part of the first wave of internet media ventures that brought us streaming video, bullet pointed lists of things that are not true, and an endless supply of cat memes. But as we hurtle toward the third decade of this century, the things that defined games journalism are being left behind. We no longer rely on the “holy trinity” of previews-reviews-features to drive sales. Review scores do not correlate to player telemetry. And nobody gives a fuck about trailers anymore! If the goal of games journalism was to get players as close to their games as possible without itself being the game – like a mathematical limit that does not exist – where does that fit in among live streaming, smartphones, games that launch once and last 15 years? What does games journalism have left to offer the games industry?

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